Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthday Club Visits MD Fox Elementary School

Several new Birthday Club members made donations to MD Fox Elementary School. The members discussed the many hardships faced by the Fox kids, many of who are refugees. They decided their gifts should be used for emergancy supplies and uniforms.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Donation Idea by Ricky age 12

My sister and I thought we could help raise money for the Hartford school kids by donating money to the Birthday Club as part of a friend's birthday gift. See our "Make a Donation" certificate. It feels good to be part of the Hartford kids lives in a meaningful way and giving back to the community. To check it out for yourself go to Batchelder School or MD Fox Elementary. Helping these kids makes my day.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday Club Visits MD Fox Elementary School

On May 26th, 9 Birthday Club members made a visit to MD Fox Elementary School. They met with Mr Lorenzo, the principal and Mrs Bedula, the school social worker. Discussed were the many challenges faced by the school and their students who are primarily refugees from 28, yes 28, different countries. Over 90% of the Fox students live at below the poverty line. The students were given a wish list of items needed by the students. The list included items such as uniforms and school supplies to the most basic household necessities.
The children felt very good about the visit and some started collecting books for the Fox kids summer reading ,a luxury item for most of them.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday Club to Visit M D Fox Elementary School

On May 26th the Birthday Club will be making their donations to the MD Fox Elementary School in Hartford, Connecticut. Attending the meeting will be students from the Avon Middle School and Kingswood Oxford. The children will be given a wish list from Fox and will choose from the list where they would like to see their money used.

90% of the students at MD Fox live at or below the poverty line ($22,000 per year). Most are immigrants. They come from 28 different countries and speak 14 different languages. The principal, teachers and social workers are extremely dedicated. We are happy to be able to help them. Anyone interested in attending is welcome to join us.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kingswood Oxford Students Participate In The Birthday Club

The Wyverns have gotten into the act. Two Kingswood Oxford Students (West Hartford, Connecticut) recently asked for donations in lieu of birthday gifts. Together they raised a whopping $605.00!! They plan on donating the money to needy kids in the Hartford area.
Way to go kids!!

Birthday Club Founders 4 Years Later

Richard, Dylan and Jimmy are still good friends, still like to bowl and still donating their birthday money to local children in need. Happy 12th Birthday Guys!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birthday Club Founder Receives Community Service Award

Kohl's Department Store in Homestead Florida recently recognized the founder of the Birthday Club by awarding him the "Kohls Kids Who Care" Community Service Award. Congratulations to the club and all its members.
Your most recent visit (December 2009) to the children's shelter shows your continued dedication to helping children less fortunate than you. Keep up the good work!